​Winners of the 2013 Willow C​​reek Spelling Bee

​February 20​​13

four students at the spelling bee
From left to right: Daniel Kobilan, Viyan Giri, Sai Ponnapalli, and Justin Sheu (Alternate)

Congratualations to All of Our Participants!

On January 23, 2013, Willow Creek hosted its school Spelling Bee. Participants were selected based on a written test given to all fourth- and fifth-grade students and interested third graders. Twenty-nine students qualified for the bee (listed below).

At the Bee, words were spelled orally with a strict protocol. One miss of a letter or a repetition and a student had to be disqualified. All students were still in the running through round five! We continued for 10 rounds in order to narrow our participants to the final three, with one alternate.

It was certainly a fun afternoon, with lots of nerves and excitement emanating from Mrs. Heaton's room.​

The winners advanced to the Cherry Creek Spelling Bee on February 8, 2013.


*Daniel Kobilan (4th)      

*Sai Ponnapalli (4th)

*Viyan Giri  (5th)

**Justin Sheu (4th)

Talia Tzarfati (5th)

Samantha Schechterman (5th)

Max Franz (5th)

Lawson Willis (5th)

Lucy Butler (5th)

Tejas Hariharan (5th)

Nate Nicholson (5th)

Susmi Ponnapalli (5th)

Miciah Davis (5th)

Akshitha Mudupu (5th)

Garett Niehoff (5th)

Riley Martin (5th)

Stephen Hogeman (4th)

Rahul Thomas (4th)

Elyse Sommer (4th)

Sidney McCullough (3rd)

##Bryn Noe (4th)

Ryan Legwold (4th)

##William Dravenstott (4th)

Maria Ignatief (4th)

Ben Morrell (3rd)

##Caroline Korell (3rd)

Abbas Shaikh (3rd)

Grace Ha (4th)


*Denotes Finalist

**Denotes Alternate Finalist

##Denotes Absent on Day of Bee