Happy Ca​​​​mping!​

October 4, 2011

On Wednesday, October 5th, Willow Creek fifth graders will embark upon their annual outdoor education excursion to Camp Cheley.  During this trip, fifth graders will increase their knowledge of, and experience with, a mountain habitat; learn environmental respect; identify components of an ecosystem; and understand interdependence within our environment and how human beings can impact that balance.  All of this is accomplished through activities such as orienteering, hiking up a mountain, exploring natural habitats on a nature hike, visiting a working ranch, and visiting Rocky Mountain National Park.

Even more valuable than the science and social studies content explored during the trip are the lifelong skills students will develop. Fifth graders will learn the importance of preparation for safety. Through community living at the camp, students learn cooperation, trust, and mutual respect for themselves and the environment. Students will build new friendships and cultivate existing ones by communal living in dormitories. 

All of the camp activities help develop chemistry within each fifth grade class and strengthen the bonds between teachers and students. That helps make the rest of the year in the classroom fruitful and more enjoyable.

The trip to Camp Cheley has become a tradition for Willow Creek fifth graders and a rite of passage. The shared experience helps prepare students for the next step and creates many fond memories.​