​​​December 12, 2013

On Saturday, December 7th, Willow Creek had nine mathematicians compete in the CCSD Math Challenge. There were three students each from the third, fourth, and fifth grades, all working as a team to represent Willow Creek Elementary. Twenty-two schools across the district, broken into three divisions, were in the competition.

Students took individual challenge tests, and then in the second tier of the competition solved problems in cooperation with each other. The third-grade team solved a part of the problem, passed it on to the fourth-grade team to continue the work, and then handed it off to the fifth-grade team to complete the challenge. Lots of cooperation and coordination went into the efforts!

Our coaches were Gina Wu, Tamim Shaikh, and Biju​ Thomas. ​The third-grade participants were Max X., Grace R., and Morgan W.  The fourth graders were Cade M., Ethan W., and Abbas S. From fifth grade, we had Bryn N., Justin S., and Rahul T.

students at the district math challenge

The Willow Creek students did an awesome job representing our school. Max took first and Grace was second in their third-grade division. Abbas took first in his fourth-grade division, and Rahul took first in the fifth-grade division. Morgan received a prize for being the highest scorer amongst those not winni​​​ng any other individual awards. The third graders were first in their team championship, and fourth and fifth graders were second in their team championships. The Willow Creek participants had a day of great performances, and we send out many congratulations to all the students involved!​