September 2013

Our TCAP results are outstanding this year! Although TCAP's are taken only by 3rd through 5th graders and are only one measure of our students' success, we feel our scores reflect the hard work of our entire staff, our students, and you — our parents and community.

Ninety-four percent of our third graders scored proficient or advanced (P/A) in Reading (4th highest percentage in the district); 97% of our fourth graders and 94% of our fifth graders did the same (2nd and 6th highest percentage in the district, respectively).

High achievement on these statewide tests is only part of the story — our growth is also outstanding. Growth is measured by comparing each student's gain in proficiency to the growth of all students statewide whose previous score was similar. Growth at the 50th percentile would be considered average; growth above the 60th percentile is high. Our Median Student Growth Percentile (an overall measure of the school's growth) was also outstanding for 2013, reaching the 66th percentile for Reading, 65th percentile for Writing, and 70th percentile for Math.​

For a quick summary of our results on all four TCAP subjects, click here​​.