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Under Construction

​​Our Innovation Renovation project is under way! On May 25th, the very day school ended for the year, the construction foremen and the movers were in the building and at work. The library books and equipment were packed and moved to safekeeping; all the computers were locked up; and the cupboards in the Computer Lab and Staff Lounge were emptied.

Check back on this page for our periodic updates about the progress!​​​

Photos taken May 29, 2018:

Everything we are saving has been removed for storage, and the library is ready for the demolition crew to remove the old circulation desk, story steps, and carpet.

photo of area that will become MakerSpace

photo of story steps area

photo of table area corner

Photos taken on June 10,​​ 2018:

The demolition is done.

photo of area that will be MakerSpace

The space above is where the new Maker​Space will be​​​​ located.​

Door to office has been removed and the wall widened to create entrance to Collaboration Room.

The library office and storage closet have been demolished to create the new Collaboration Room (the space where the ladder is).

photo taken after story steps were demolished

The story steps are gone. The new story steps will be moveable — but the screen will still be there when we're done.

photo showing carpet removed in library

​Photos taken June 21, 2018:

​​Walls are going up now, and the construction company is working on plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.

photo showing new door cut from Staff Lounge to new Collaboration Room.

The opening for the door from the Staff Lounge into the new Collaboration Room has been cut.

photo of framing of the new MakerSpace showing opening for glass garage door

The framing for the new MakerSpace is up; the large opening in the center of the picture is for a glass garage door.

photo from within the framing of the new MakerSpace

This is the view from inside the new MakerSpace.

photo of Computer Lab showing carpet and inside counter removed

The Computer Lab will get new paint and carpeting down the line, but right now the construction company is working on shortening the wall that runs down the center of the room and holds the electrical and Ethernet wiring. Once the wall is lowered, students will be able to see the SMART Board and the teacher without obstruction.

Photo taken June 25, 2018:

The drywall is going up!

Photos tak​en July 16, 2018:

The construction workers have been very busy!

photo of finished MakerSpace walls

The MakerSpace has finished walls! The large opening at right is where the garage door goes. Between the glass door (shown below) and the windows to the left of the photo, we will have a very open view between the library and the MakerSpace.

photo of the glass garage door in the MakerSpace

photo of inside of MakerSpace

Here's a broader view of the MakerSpace. The floor is installed — solid surface material so that messes are easy to clean up — and the painters have been at work. The large white space on the wall to the right will be filled with whiteboard paint, making a huge drawing and writing space for students who are collaborating (and the teacher, too).

photo of library wall showing paint

The painters are also at work on the library walls, with a great new color scheme. The open space on the wall to the left is for the cabinets that are part of the new circulation desk.

photo of computer lab cutdown

The major work in the Computer Lab is almost done. Reducing the height of the wall in the center of the room has opened the sightlines up — a welcome relief! The wall holds electrical and Ethernet cables, so it can't be completely eliminated, but reducing it will allow us to put tables down the center (instead of the built-in counters), which will save space and preserve the open feeling.

​Photos taken on August​​ 6, 2018:

We're almost there! The major construction is done and workers are putting the finishing touches on everything. The furniture has arrived and is being put into place. We won't be open on the first day of school, but we're pretty close!

photo of computer lab almost done

So much better! The computer lab has really been opened up now that the center wall has been lowered. The new chairs will be wonderful, since they will adapt to users' needs, and the fresh paint and carpet has really brightened the room!

photo of NE corner with new story steps

It's a little hard to see, since we have the large carts of library books littering the way, but you are looking at the new bookcase that forms the back of the new story stairs.

And here's the front of the new story stairs! Like all of our new furniture, this seating area is easy to move, so that we can rearrange the library to suit the many uses we make of this space.

photo of new tables

We have new tables that fold up and stack together and have wheels — so we have even more flexibility in arrangement.

photo of new STEM area, looking at whiteboard

This is our new Makerspace! Notice the huge whiteboard for student collaboration!

This is the view straight into the Makerspace from the door. We ha​ve tables that wheel and stack in here, as well, so that everything can be moved out of the way when we need more floor space.

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