​​Jan​uary 16, 2014

On Monday, January 13, Willow Creek ​​was recognized by the Board of Education and Superintendent Harry Bull as one of the seven schools in the district to win both the 2013 John Irwin Schools of Excellence Award and the 2013 Governor's Distinguished Improvement Aw​ard, thus demonstrating both high growth and high achievement. The board congratulated these schools and their outstanding students, staff, and community.​

board of education presents willow creek with the john irwin schools of excellence award​​

The Colorado Department of Education presents the John Irwin award to schools that demonstrate excellent academic achievement and exceed expectations on the academic achievement indicator of the school performance framework. The Governor's Distinguished Improvement Award is given to schools that demonstrate exceptional student growth. On the school performance framework, that growth must exceed expectations on longitudinal academic growth and meet or exceed expectation on the indicator related to academic growth gaps.

The other six schools in Cherry Creek that received both of these awards are Belleview Elementary, Cherry Hills Village Elementary, Cottonwood Creek Elementary, Dry Creek Elementary, Greenwood Elementary, and Indian Ridge Elementary.